“It’s getting hot in here …”

Sometimes, when I read news stories about climate change, I cannot help but hear that classic Nelly song.  Climate change is a serious issue, and a real one, but of course, the mass media “narrative” (I really do hate that word) is biased to suit their own agenda. This site has long argued that a … Continue reading ““It’s getting hot in here …””


Global warming driven by man-made emissions gets the main focus from the mass media, but it is the natural, self-reinforcing global warming cycles that will be responsible for its acceleration.  There is one long term natural driver of global warming that is mostly ignored – the slowing of the global ocean currents. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/may/25/slowing-ocean-current-caused-by-melting-antarctic-ice-could-have-drastic-climate-impact-study-says This is … Continue reading “Esoteric”

Supporting Development

As of late, we have been focusing on the conflict in Ukraine and how it is reflective of the relationship between America and Europe.  What drives our interest is our belief that certain prophecies found in Revelation are not only directly related to ongoing events in Europe, but also, those prophecies give us a view … Continue reading “Supporting Development”

Thinking Out Loud

This site has been arguing that the opening of the Third Seal (Revelation 6:5-6) is more than just about soaring cost of food — it can be interpreted more broadly as the soaring cost of living. The central bankers and Wall Street gurus were wrong that inflation was a “supply bottleneck issue”, just as they … Continue reading “Thinking Out Loud”

Dead man walking revisited

This site, like more than a few others, speculated that Biden was a dead man walking — i.e., it was only a matter of time before he was prematurely removed from office.  The timing was unsure, whether he would be removed before the mid-term elections or after.  It looks like his handlers (aka the Whore … Continue reading “Dead man walking revisited”

The Ties That Bind Are Breaking

The Whore has been doing all it can to break the ties that bind Americans together as a nation.  It has attacked the founding fathers, the family unit, Christianity, the sense of community – and the list goes on and on.  This site has long argued that the Whore (and the Beast) have been attacking … Continue reading “The Ties That Bind Are Breaking”