New Topic Added

Today I added a new topic, entitled “Babylon”.  In it, I argue that America is the embodiment of Babylon as described in Revelation chapter 18.  Should this argument be correct, it would further support our previous speculation that the opening of the Sixth Seal would result in the eruption of a supervolcano in America.  Yes, … Continue reading “New Topic Added”

The Clock Is Now Ticking

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has been replaced by a new administration, compromised of basically every other political party other than his own (i.e. Lukid).   Left-wing parties, supposed right-wing parties, and for the first time in history, parties representing non-Jewish Israelis (aka Palestinians) have joined the ruling coalition — all united in their desire to … Continue reading “The Clock Is Now Ticking”

Brazilian Drought

The drought in South America continues, with Brazil being particularly hard hit at the moment. Brazil on drought alert, faces worst dry spell in 91 years | Nasdaq Soil Moisture Running Short in Brazil ( This site has previously highlighted research which argued that droughts will only worsen in Brazil and other areas adjacent to … Continue reading “Brazilian Drought”