The Real Story — the victims of the normalization of homosexuality

Australia will hold a non-binding postal referendum on single-sex marriage (the official term for gay marriage).  There is one mass media outlet that can be counted to always take the side of agents of the Beast on any political or social subject.  They published a propaganda piece to support the ‘yes’ of the referendum, but … Continue reading “The Real Story — the victims of the normalization of homosexuality”

Soros vs Netanyahu — Competing Visions for Israel

The ongoing conflict between Soros and Netanyahu has steadily worsened until it has been splashed across the New York Times and other prominent publications which cater to large Jewish audiences. This conflict is very relevent to the arguments we raised in the recent write-up, “The Beast and the Jewish Temple” (please read that … Continue reading “Soros vs Netanyahu — Competing Visions for Israel”

Australia in danger of following America

The 24/7 media attacks on Tony Abbot, combined with money from the agents of the Beast, resulted in his removal as leader of the ruling Coalition in Australia — and the selection of Turnbull as the new leader and thus the new Prime Minister of Australia.  Turnbull has now given the Beast’s agents what they … Continue reading “Australia in danger of following America”

The Beast and the Jewish Temple

In 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, we are told that the Beast, aka Anti-Christ, will enter the newly built Jewish Temple and proclaim himself God: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who … Continue reading “The Beast and the Jewish Temple”


Russian wheat bonanza Russia has been enjoying record wheat harvests in recent years, and this past growing season has been the most bountiful yet. Both America and Australia, historically the leading global wheat exporters, are suffering from poor wheat harvests due to drought.  However, the record Russia crop has kept global wheat prices at … Continue reading “Potpurri”

Tongue in Cheek

After the opening of the Sixth Seal, which we have argued will be manifested by a cataclysmic eruption of a supervolcano, the biggest global challenge will be food.  Should the Long Valley caldera erupt, it would have a large negative impact on US grain production.  Similarly, the opening of the Seventh Seal will also result … Continue reading “Tongue in Cheek”

Reichstag Principle

We have argued that when the Beast ascends to his final place of political power, as the leader of a mega-state formed from the political union of 10 previously sovereign nations, he will destroy any remaining vestiges of democracy and he will rule as a tyrant.  The latest developments in America would indicate that the … Continue reading “Reichstag Principle”