The Opening of the Fifth Seal

Revelation tells us that the End of Days will begin with the opening of the first seal, which releases the first of the horsemen of the apocalypse.  The second, third, and fourth seal similarly release the remaining horsemen.  With the opening of the fifth seal, we witness a more complex scene: And when he had … Continue reading “The Opening of the Fifth Seal”

Attack on the Nation-State

We have argued that there is a strong similarity between the prophecies of Revelation as they relate to the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) and Jewish beliefs as they relate to their long awaited secular messiah (aka moschiach).  Revelation tells us the Beast will come to power over a 10 nation confederation, a merged mega-state, and … Continue reading “Attack on the Nation-State”

Persecution of Christians in America

The ongoing arson attacks of churches in America continue — These attacks against Believers in America seems to go unreported in America, as this information comes to us through the courtesy of a British media outlet.  Though still painted as an act of repression against African-Americans (I have lately come to think the common usage … Continue reading “Persecution of Christians in America”

Where are we now, in the time line found in Revelations?

The book of Revelation gives us a time line of events, which will take place during the End of Days — the period of time that will directly precede the return of Christ.  Given the nature of prophecy, it is not a clear cut process, however, I believe there is enough clarity for us to … Continue reading “Where are we now, in the time line found in Revelations?”

Bits and Pieces

Correction of a correction….sort of Earlier, I felt a need to make a correction on a statement relating to factors behind California’s drought.  Perhaps the correction was not necessary. Global warming, climate change, and ocean dynamics are relatively new fields of science, and given this, there is much the scientific community does not fully understand. … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

What if there is no rapture, or for some reason you don’t get called…

The notion of ‘the rapture’, where God calls up his Believers to heaven at some point during the End of Days, is a relatively new teaching.  It was first espoused in the 1830’s in England before becoming popularized in America.  It is safe to say it was not something that Paul taught.  Given this, I … Continue reading “What if there is no rapture, or for some reason you don’t get called…”