A breakup of the current EU?

In the past we have argued that a breakup of the EU as it is currently structured is consistent with the prophecies of Revelation.  Consensus interpretation of the relevant scriptures is that the Beast will come to lead a 10 nation confederation, and the current EU has 28 member nations.  We concede that there is … Continue reading “A breakup of the current EU?”

Side note

I have rewritten ‘Political Agenda of the Beast’.  Hopefully I have improved the prose and made the arguments easier to follow.  I will next rewrite ‘Erosion of Democracy and the Ascension of the Beast’ as it will be a further elaboration on the political agenda of the Beast. I have highlighted the danger found within … Continue reading “Side note”

MAJOR ALERT — Danger found with the US Immigration Reform Bill

It has been reported that within the current immigration reform bill being considered by the US Senate, there is a clause that will require all US citizens and residents to submit their biometric details to the federal government for the explicit purpose of creating a national database.  This would include iris and fingerprint scans.(http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/05/immigration-reform-dossiers/) Passage … Continue reading “MAJOR ALERT — Danger found with the US Immigration Reform Bill”

Getting dry downunder

Parts of Australia are suffering from drought conditions (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-05-02/drought-bites/4665026).  This is consistent with global weather models that predict that Australia will be one of the locations that will suffer drought conditions due to global warming. The Australian continent has some unique geological features that makes its food production especially vulnerable to adverse conditions.  Though its … Continue reading “Getting dry downunder”

UK Politics and a referendum on EU membership

We earlier reported on the announcement by the Prime Minister of the UK to hold a referendum on British membership in the European Union (http://news.yahoo.com/cameron-publish-eu-vote-bill-bid-defuse-party-064432508.html). I worried that the announcement was merely a political ploy, given it was to be held after the next national elections, with a deadline of 2017.  It would seem members … Continue reading “UK Politics and a referendum on EU membership”

The new Italian government gets a welcome party

It is estimated that at least 100,000 people came out to demonstrate against the austerity measures of Monti/Berlusconi (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22581759). The new Italian government, led by Letto, is a marriage of necessity between the two main establishment parties in Italy.  It’s popularity is falling quickly and is not expected to last for long.  We will continue … Continue reading “The new Italian government gets a welcome party”

Sensational news reported by British newspaper — about America

It would appear that a reporter for the Guardian received copies of report that is to be delivered to the President soon (http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/earth-insight/2013/may/02/white-house-arctic-ice-death-spiral. ) The US security agencies have previously warned about the implications of global warming, and in this latest report, those warnings have become more dire.  The implications would suggest that the most … Continue reading “Sensational news reported by British newspaper — about America”

States are fighting the Federal government

The children of the Beast are busy trying to drive their political agenda, on both the State and Federal level.  We have argued that Believers need to create a sanctuary that will be safe from the Beast on the day of his final ascension.  If there is not a place safe from the Beast and … Continue reading “States are fighting the Federal government”

German Politics

In a previous post, I highlighted the creation of a new German political party, Alternative for Germany, whose platform is based on the dissolution of the Euro currency bloc and the return to national currencies.  One article reports on the growing popularity of this new party — http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/new-party-alternative-for-germany-draws-new-members-away-from-rivals-a-898524.html. We have speculated on more than one occasion that the … Continue reading “German Politics”