Bits and PIeces

The Sixth Seal It can be argued that Death and Hades have been set loose and are laying claim to their quarter of the world.  We have previously cited a UN report on refugees and referencing that report, it would seem that a quarter of the world is now engulfed in conflicts that are causing … Continue reading “Bits and PIeces”

Expanding Drought on the West Coast of America

There is a good reason for all of the forest fires in Oregon and Washington — high temperatures and drought are worsening in those states.,-extreme-drought-expands-in-western-us/ Though I have not seen any research on what is causing the unprecedented warming of the ocean off the California coast (which is a distinct phenomenon from the developing … Continue reading “Expanding Drought on the West Coast of America”

Death of the Antarctica Bottom Water current

Given the California drought is expanding into the West Coast drought, as drought conditions expand in Oregon and Washington, I thought it best to further look into one of the main factors causing this drought — the giant ‘blob’ of warm ocean water forming off the California coast, which is causing the ‘ridiculously resilient’ high … Continue reading “Death of the Antarctica Bottom Water current”

Probably not a compelling argument….

I am not a theologian, so when I talk about Biblical interpretation, keep that in mind.  In the past, I have touched on the subject of the rapture, where God literally calls up His Believers to Him sometime during the End of Days.  In this teaching, Believers will disappear from this world in the blink … Continue reading “Probably not a compelling argument….”


We have argued that a catastrophic supervolcano eruption could fulfill certain prophecies found in Revelation — Revelation 6:12 and 8:12.  Scientific research has linked a high level of global volcanism to the melting of land ice in Antarctica and the Arctic — which is occurring now.  We have based our speculation on this research. This … Continue reading “Sakurajima”

‘A quart of wheat for a denarius’

In Revelation 6:5, the third horseman of the apocalypse is set released upon the world, and a voice is heard crying, ‘A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius…’.  At the time, this represented a 10 fold increase in the price of those foodstuffs.  In America and Europe, … Continue reading “‘A quart of wheat for a denarius’”

Bits and Pieces

Middle Earth Not only are the glaciers of the world of melting — Iceland, Switzerland, Nepal — but also the glaciers of Middle Earth. I went to the mountains of New Zealand’s south island, which were so beautifully highlighted in many scenes from the Lord of the Rings.  They were truly beautiful.  I make … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”