And so it starts….

In our last post, we started to speculate that the Whore, the power behind the illegitimate Biden Presidency, will look to use an outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine as a means by which they will seek to rig the upcoming Congressional elections.  One idea we briefly postulated was that the Whore would use the pretext … Continue reading “And so it starts….”

Death of Democracy

This site has made the argument that the Whore of Babylon, the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration, stole the last US Presidential election through massive voter fraud.  The Whore ripped out the heart of democracy, by compromising the election process.  As the Democrat “Voter Rights” bill is stalled, they are currently unable to roll … Continue reading “Death of Democracy”

Destruction of the Whore

This site has been making the argument that those Jews who are actively working to bring about the rise of their secular moshiach are the embodiment of the Whore of Babylon as depicted in the 17th chapter of Revelation (please see previous writings for details).  Similarly, I have been actively speculating that the Whore has … Continue reading “Destruction of the Whore”