Things Start to Heat Up…..Literally

For those people still trapped in the domain of Death and Hades, things are heating up — literally.  Iraq is now suffering through a major heat wave, with temperatures soaring over 50 degrees centigrade. As global warming processes continue to push average temperatures ever higher, heat spikes will become increasing vicious.  Some research argues … Continue reading “Things Start to Heat Up…..Literally”

Angelic Fury and the Zone of Death

Iraq, Syria, and Turkey are in the news daily, as the US seeks the overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria.  I would argue that ISIS is merely a side-show, given that the US does nothing about Sunni Kingdoms’ funding of ISIS, nor has it moved to stop Turkey from funding ISIS through its purchase … Continue reading “Angelic Fury and the Zone of Death”

Foreshadows of the Seventh Seal

It is summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, and things are heating up.  This year has seen month after month of record global heat, and this July was no exception. As written on the Weather site — Global mean temperatures in July 2016 were the warmest on record not just for July, but for any … Continue reading “Foreshadows of the Seventh Seal”

Death and Hades resides in……America?

In Revelation 6:8, we are told of the opening of the fourth seal and the release of Death and Hades.  They will be given dominion over a quarter of the world, bringing with them death through conflict, disease, and hunger.  We have argued that they have been already released upon the world, given that a … Continue reading “Death and Hades resides in……America?”

End Game of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration serves a number of functions for the agents of the Beast.  It weakens the sovereignty of a nation, as control of the border and the ability to determine who lives in the country is a fundamental power of a sovereign nation.  However, the more immediate effect is that the illegal immigrants would be … Continue reading “End Game of Illegal Immigration”

Lake Tahoe is warming up and its only just the beginning

In our topics discussion, ‘The Seventh Seal and Global Warming’, we argued that it will be global warming that drives the manifestation of the third trumpet, where one third of the world’s fresh water turns ‘bitter’.  We can see anecdotal signs already of the beginning of this process. Lake Tahoe’s waters have warmed to temperatures … Continue reading “Lake Tahoe is warming up and its only just the beginning”

Media Propaganda, the Beast, and Political Power

I will soon start publishing a series of write ups in regards to the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) and his coming ascension to power.  In order to gain control over the nations of the West, the Beast and his agents will say and do anything to amass political power.  They will need political power to … Continue reading “Media Propaganda, the Beast, and Political Power”