When you see ‘fiscal cliff’ in the media, think ‘debt mountain’

I have already discussed various aspects of the fiscal cliff from the view point of biblical prophecy.  I am not very good at computers (as you may have noticed by looking at the construction of this site), so I am unable to make nice graphs and data tables.  Otherwise I would make a graph of the … Continue reading “When you see ‘fiscal cliff’ in the media, think ‘debt mountain’”

New Danger on the Horizon

We have been highlighting the growing danger that America will fall under the dominion of the Beast at the time of his ascension.  This danger is seen in a recent op-ed piece in a recent edition of the Economist.  The article is calling for the signing of a free trade agreement between America and the … Continue reading “New Danger on the Horizon”

Sanctuary from the Beast

I read on article on the BBC news site that since the election, the White House has received 20 petitions from groups seeking the succession of their states from the Union. The petition from Texas was the largest, with over 25,000 signatures. Though the possibility seems remote, Texas leaving the Union and forming a separate … Continue reading “Sanctuary from the Beast”