Interesting Timing

“AOC” seems to be a recent darling of the mass media.  I only mention it as it seems she too has launched a campaign against cow farts. Given that quality fresh fruits and vegetables are often unobtainable (e.g. if you live in a poor neighborhood, or it is winter) and if they are available … Continue reading “Interesting Timing”

Explanatory Power

I stopped studying science in high school as I decided to major in economics, rather than engineering — plus I rather sucked in physics and calculus.  However, I do remember the concept of “explanatory power”. I will copy and paste from Wikipedia: “Explanatory power is the ability of a hypothesis or theory to effectively explain the subject matter it pertains … Continue reading “Explanatory Power”

Misguided attacks on agriculture

Of all the mass media misreporting (aka propaganda, fake news, narratives), perhaps the most amusing is its occasional attacks on meat and milk production.  The basic premise is that cows seem to fart alot — I have to take them at their word as I have had little direct contact with live cows.  The argument … Continue reading “Misguided attacks on agriculture”

The Betrayal of a Nation

One fundamental goal of the Beast and his agents is the creation of a mega-state, comprised of 10 political merged nations, from which he will initially rule.  To achieve this goal, the agents of the Beast have been waging a war on the sovereignty of the nation-state.  One core requirement for the existence of a … Continue reading “The Betrayal of a Nation”


A Warmer Ocean A recent scientific paper discusses one impact of a warming ocean – the color green. The media has highlighted to most facile aspect of the paper’s conclusion, that the ocean will take on a more greenish tone as the oceans continue to warm.  The more pertinent finding is that algae is … Continue reading “Linkages”