Nazi Paradigm

The term Nazi refers to the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party, which come to power during the Wiemar Republic, in Germany.  Hitler was the leader of this political party, and rose to power through the democratic process that existed at that time.  However, once he became leader of Germany, he destroyed its democratic institutions and … Continue reading “Nazi Paradigm”

A (slightly) Disturbing Anomaly

Within the timeline of prophecy found in Revelation, there has been one prophecy that has been slow to manifest itself.  We argue that the Fifth Seal has been opened and that we are now waiting for the opening of the Sixth Seal, but the manifestation of the Third Seal has not been made obvious.  In … Continue reading “A (slightly) Disturbing Anomaly”

Speaking of the Devil

This site has speculated that the mark of the Beast will be manifested by the creation of a nation-wide bio identification system.  The e-Verify system seemed like the most likely candidate.  However, a new bill has been passed in the US Congress, which will facilitate the creation of a nation-wide ID system that will have … Continue reading “Speaking of the Devil”

National Identification System

In the past, Republicans have tried to implement E-verify as a mandatory employment check, supposedly to stop the hiring of illegal aliens.  Their failure to get it through Congress has not stopped the E-verify system from being developed and implemented. Critics of tougher voter I.D. laws argue that it is discriminatory to require a … Continue reading “National Identification System”

Interesting Coincidence

For a number of years, this site has been arguing that a rapid acceleration of global warming will occur, bringing about the manifestation of a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  Based on scripture, we argued that Christ would return before 2048 — one hundred years from the founding of the modern state of Israel … Continue reading “Interesting Coincidence”