Has the 5th seal been opened?

For myself, when I view the title of a ‘news’ article, and that title is in the form of a question, then I know that it is not a news article, but rather a propaganda-based opinion piece (which I then promptly ignore)…..please do not stop reading here. In Revelation 6:9-11, it is written: When he … Continue reading “Has the 5th seal been opened?”

Summer is coming.

India has recently undergone a heat spike, killing thousands of people before the monsoons came to cool down the country.  Pakistan was next in the headlines, as that country too started to burn from the heat of the sun, killing hundreds of people – – http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/pakistan-heat-wave-kills-hundreds-victims-dying-streets-n380201. Though the weather authorities have declared an El Nino in … Continue reading “Summer is coming.”

Death and Hades

Revelation says that when the fourth seal is opened, Death and Hades will be released upon the world, and they will have authority over a quarter of the world.  We have been searching for some kind of metric, whereby we can measure whether a quarter of the world has been overcome by war, thereby confirming … Continue reading “Death and Hades”

America and End-of-Day Prophecy — A Mysterious Absence

Revised June 30, 2021 I have read different ideas about where America fits into the prophecies of Revelation.  I remember one theory that held America would be part of the Beast’s 10 nation superstate, and that its connection to the revived Roman Empire was because of its colonial connection with England.  Though I never was … Continue reading “America and End-of-Day Prophecy — A Mysterious Absence”