German Elections

Merkel and her coalition ‘won’ the German elections held in late September.  The Alternative for German party did not attain the 5% level, but while they failed to gain seats in the Bundestag, their achievement of winning 4.7% of the vote was seen as a victory of sorts. Merkel and her allies failed to … Continue reading “German Elections”

A spark for an autumn fire?

September is not yet over, and there is still a chance that the dying embers of summer may spark a fire for the fall. The ongoing drama in Italian politics is finally coming to a head.  Berloni, the ex-Italian PM, has finally been pushed out of politics due to his criminal convictions.  HIs political party … Continue reading “A spark for an autumn fire?”

Economic Policies of the End of Days

I will soon rewrite the piece with the same name to highlight more recent events.  The Immigration Reform bill will further aggravate the pressure on the working class in America, as job exportation and illegal immigration has resulted in the lowest worker participation rate in history.  Bernanke (and soon to be Yellen) have printed massive … Continue reading “Economic Policies of the End of Days”

Income distribution disparity and Bubbles

There was a recent study that highlights the ongoing disparity of income distribution between the top 1% vs. the other 99%.  ( The policies that have driven this polarization of the economy remain in place — mega-monetary stimulus by the Federal Reserve, similarly unprecedented deficit spending by state and federal government, and wage pressure on … Continue reading “Income distribution disparity and Bubbles”

Catalan Independence

CNN and other major US news outlets continue to ignore massive demonstrations in Catalan, as they seek independence from Spain.  ( Perhaps it is time for Believers to start a similar movement in Texas or other states.  While it may seem to be a Quixotic endeavor, it would give a chance for Believers to band together … Continue reading “Catalan Independence”

Children of the Beast

I have often referred to the children of the Beast.  Who am I referring to with this phrase? When the Beast, the Anti-Christ, rises to power, he will not do so as a lone agent.  Prophecy interpretation is that he will gain dominion over a reconstituted Roman Empire, controlling 10 nations.  Given that the former … Continue reading “Children of the Beast”

Extreme Medicine

In the past, I have referred to the monetary stimulus programs of the Federal Reserve as heroine.  The Federal Reserve has not done anything to make the US economy healthier, but rather has made the economy seem better — similar to giving heroine to a junky.  The heroine makes the junky feel better, but the … Continue reading “Extreme Medicine”

German Elections

German national elections will be held later this month.  Previously we highlighted the birth of a new political party in Germany, the Alternative for Germany party.  Their central platform is Germany should leave the Euro bloc. Though the media and mainstream parties are ignoring AfD, hoping that they will just disappear, their election results may … Continue reading “German Elections”