Living in an Improbable World

As one who believes in the word of God, and in a very literal interpretation of the Book of Revelation, I live in the most improbable of worlds.  My understanding of the current world would be derided as “conspiracy theories” (though the use of the phrase merely seeks to avoid debate and discussion of the … Continue reading “Living in an Improbable World”

Revisiting an early speculation

When I first started writing on this site (time flies quickly), I was interested in the idea that the European Union would need to first fracture, before it politically merged into a unified super-state.  There are currently 27 nation-states that are members of the European Union.  Though member nations have signed treaties handing over certain … Continue reading “Revisiting an early speculation”

Monetary Madness continues

This site has been highlighting recent inflation figures in the European Union.  I just noticed that despite the incredibly high inflation that Europe is experiencing, the overnight rate set by the ECB was still zero up to the middle of last month.  On July 21st, the ECB raised that rate to 0.5% (where is stands … Continue reading “Monetary Madness continues”

The Whore’s Bitch — continued

This site has argued that the Whore of Babylon (the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration) provoked a conflict in Ukraine with the intentional purpose of increasing its domination over the Beast (the power behind the European Union).  In Revelation 17:3, the Whore is seen sitting atop of the Beast, in a position of power … Continue reading “The Whore’s Bitch — continued”

Random Thoughts

This site has made some significant speculations about what may transpire between now and November, when the US holds their mid-term Congressional elections.  It seemed appropriate to watch and wait for events to unfold.  The US continues to raise the stakes in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, as NATO is now moving against Serbia, which has refused … Continue reading “Random Thoughts”