Primer on the End of Days

Elements of the prophecies of Revelation have seeped into our modern culture.  Movies have been made about the Anti-Christ, and terms like Armageddon and apocalypse are used in everyday life.  For those wishing for an in-depth discussion on the prophecies of the End of Days, please refer to the many sites on the web that … Continue reading “Primer on the End of Days”

The Beast, the Temple, and Israel

The Book of Revelation tells us much about what will happen during the time period prior to the return of Christ.  We are told that in the latter stages of the End of Days, the Anti-Christ will rise to power.  However, it is Paul, in the Book of 2 Thessalonians, that gives us a key … Continue reading “The Beast, the Temple, and Israel”

The Political Agenda of the Beast — See beyond the propaganda

Introduction The media is filled with fake news, biased reporting, and outright propaganda.  Social media outlets on the internet have been purging those voices who offer differing views.  In order to be able to see past the propaganda, one must understand the real political agenda that lies behind it. The Beast (aka Anti-Christ) and his … Continue reading “The Political Agenda of the Beast — See beyond the propaganda”

Speaking of the devil

The timing is so perfect.  My last entry talked about how we have not seen the last of legislative attempts to create a national identification data base.  Just now I came across a Bloomberg opinion piece that again is arguing for the need of such a identification system — This ‘business news’ service is quite … Continue reading “Speaking of the devil”