2 million year climate record

Paleo-climate researchers (those who study the climate records of the prehistoric periods) have been doing some interesting work.  Given the onset of anthropogenic global warming, there is a search to find out what happened to the world during previous periods of severe global warming. http://www.nature.com/news/longest-historic-temperature-record-stretches-back-2-million-years-1.20673 Carolyn Snyder, director of the Climate Protection Partnerships Division of the … Continue reading “2 million year climate record”

Repression, Oppression, Persecution

We have argued that there are two fundamental conditions necessary for the persecution of Believers.  The first is the existence of hostile authorities and the second is that Believers need to be a minority of the population.  Different surveys have shown that Believers are shrinking as a percentage of the population, and now they are … Continue reading “Repression, Oppression, Persecution”

A New Strategy to Overturn the Second Amendment?

We have argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant.  As such, he will seek to erode and eventually destroy democratic process and Constitutional rights and protections of the people. Under the Obama administration, the Constitutional rights and liberties of US citizens have been systematically undermined.   His administration has made repeated attacks on … Continue reading “A New Strategy to Overturn the Second Amendment?”

Peak Propaganda

The stakes have never been higher for the Beast and his agents.  They lost the Brexit election, they lost the British Labor party struggle (the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn — I will discuss this in a different post), and they will lose the Austrian election for President (if they every allow the election to actually … Continue reading “Peak Propaganda”

‘Political Agenda of the Beast’ Updated

I rewrote the topics piece, ‘Political Agenda of the Beast’.  I placed the older version into the Archives section for reference purposes.  This updated version is not yet finished.  I want to go into greater detail into how the Beast and his agents are seeking to accomplish their 5 core agenda points.  In order to … Continue reading “‘Political Agenda of the Beast’ Updated”

The Sixth Seal …..and Greenland

We have previously highlighted scientific research which showed a link between periods of severe polar ice melt (e.g. after the Ice Age) and a significant increase in global volcanic activity.  We have speculated that the current melting of polar ice due to global warming could result in the eruption of a supervolcano, which could serve … Continue reading “The Sixth Seal …..and Greenland”

Never say never…but it will take an act of God

Under the Obama administration, the US has only worsened the chaos that is gripping much of the Middle East and also large parts of Africa.  The income and wealth divide in America is becoming more like the feudal period, where only a handful of ‘nobility’ controlled most of the wealth in the nation.  Similarly, the … Continue reading “Never say never…but it will take an act of God”

United Nations to Governments — ‘Sovereignty is an illusion’

We have argued that the agents of the Beast are using illegal immigration to further their own political agenda. Peter Sutherland, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration, during an interview, had a message for the governments of the world: I will ask the governments to cooperate, to recognise that sovereignty … Continue reading “United Nations to Governments — ‘Sovereignty is an illusion’”