Climate Conference in Paris

This week, many world leaders are gathering in Paris to discuss a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, in an attempt to limit global warming.  Revelation tells us that, unfortunately, those politicians will not be able to stop what is coming. From Arctic experts, we have been warned that man-made global warming has worsen to … Continue reading “Climate Conference in Paris”

Supervolcano Hotspot

America is home to 3 supervolcanos, all of which are in the western half of the nation.  This makes America the supervolcano hot spot of the world.  When it comes to worrying about a major eruption, people are mostly stressed about the Yellowstone caldera — maybe because its eruption was depicted in a disaster film. … Continue reading “Supervolcano Hotspot”

Theory and Reality

Though science is supposed to deal with facts and religion with faith, we can see that in the End of Days, science and religion have become intermingled.  Science can now show us how certain prophecies in Revelation will come to pass.  Faith can help us to see where current scientific trends are leading us. Even … Continue reading “Theory and Reality”

An Indisputable Sign of the End of Days

I have come to believe that the opening of the sixth seal in Revelation is meant to serve as an indisputable sign to the world, that we are indeed in the End of Days..  We have argued that the End of Days actually began decades ago with the opening of the first seal that unleashed … Continue reading “An Indisputable Sign of the End of Days”

Bits and Pieces

 Massive Red Tide The large ‘blob’ of unusually warm ocean water off the California coast has been identified as one possible factor causing that state’s drought.  It is also an important factor for the ongoing presence of a massive harmful algae bloom (aka HAB) off the West Coast (warmer water is conducive to the formation of … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

The return of the Jewish people to Israel (most of them anyway)

We have argued that the Anti-Christ will put on the guise of the long awaited Jewish moschiach, aka messiah.  The messiah, in mainstream Jewish thought, is a secular ruler, who will rule over Jew and Gentile, on a global scale. One of the most defining actions of the moschiach will his actions that result in … Continue reading “The return of the Jewish people to Israel (most of them anyway)”