The Underclass of America

A reoccurring topic has been the growth of the underclass in America — people who are unemployed, underemployed, partly employed, or even though will regular jobs but who pay is going down directly from wage cuts or indirectly from inflation.  A recent edition of the New York Times had a short human interest piece on the growing … Continue reading “The Underclass of America”

A Path Away From the Beast

Even with the re-election of Obama, America can still make walk a path that will lead away from the Beast.  There are two key decisions that await America. First, the massive increase in government debt under Obama must stop.  Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are attempting to create another leverage-driven financial bubble, with the real … Continue reading “A Path Away From the Beast”

Trumpets are sounding?

Last week, a couple of stories that we have been following had updates. In the first article, we see a direct link between the acidification of the oceans water (i.e. decreasing ph levels) and a reduction of an ocean food source.  Previously we discussed a report from a biologist who found that off the coast … Continue reading “Trumpets are sounding?”