Going Old Testament — Sins of the father

In all too many movies, characters portrayed as religious fanatics inevitably say, when face with  disaster, ‘we are being punished by God’ — and just as inevitable, they look like idiots.  I will try to not sound like an idiot. For many years (if not decades), the US government has pursued policies which have weakened … Continue reading “Going Old Testament — Sins of the father”

Consistent with our timeline

President Trump has announced the withdrawal of US military units from Syria. https://www.npr.org/2018/12/19/678294375/u-s-withdraws-forces-from-syria-following-white-house-orders The same proponents of the wars against Saddam Hussein of Iraq, against the Taliban in Afghanistan, against Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya, and against a myriad Muslim groups in Africa, have also been behind the war against Assad of Syria.  They would gladly … Continue reading “Consistent with our timeline”

Independent Thought

More now than ever, it is important to be able to think independently.  The mass media is completely biased, and hammers day and night on its propaganda themes — the big lie and constant repetition are two fundamental tools for propagandists (aka journalists).  The internet is also filled with trolls, who will seek to sensationalize … Continue reading “Independent Thought”

True to their nature

 Mass Media Propaganda — They are being true to their father, a liar and the father of lies In the book of John, we read of a verbal exchange between Jesus and a group of Pharisees.  It is interesting to note that among the competing schools of Judaic religious thought of that time, it was … Continue reading “True to their nature”

 Theoretical question — can we tell when a prophecy is fulfilled?

Though this may seem a trivial question, it is a rather important one for this website.  Over the past two thousand years, it has been argued that many End of Days prophecies have already been fulfilled.  Are we committing the same mistakes of the past in thinking that it is our generation who will see … Continue reading ” Theoretical question — can we tell when a prophecy is fulfilled?”

Massive Alaska Earthquake — possible link to polar ice melt

This past week, Alaska suffered a massive earthquake, measuring 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/The-M70-left-Alaska-shaken-and-the-aftershocks-keep-coming-Heres-how-it-looks-in-the-Earths-crust-502074322.htm In the past, we have highlighted research which showed historic correlations between rapid polar ice melts and increased global volcanism — this also includes increased seismic activity. https://e360.yale.edu/features/could_a_changing_climate_set_off_volcanoes_and_quakes https://qz.com/681239/global-warming-wont-just-change-the-weather-it-could-trigger-massive-earthquakes-and-volcanoes/ If the link between rapid polar ice melt and increased … Continue reading “Massive Alaska Earthquake — possible link to polar ice melt”

A side track — science as a religion

Though there are some atheists who claim science proves there is no God, it seems that science really does not have a clue about many basic aspects of the universe. https://phys.org/news/2018-12-universe-theory-percent-cosmos.html In order to bring order to a universe that makes no sense, theoretical scientists must make up nonsense in order to be logical.  It … Continue reading “A side track — science as a religion”

Very Rapid Global Warming — revisited

In 2013, a team of scientists at Rutgers University made a dramatic discovery.  55 million years ago, in an event known as Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum , or PETM for short, global average temperatures rose by 5 degrees centigrade in only 13 years.  Previously, it was thought to have taken closer to 10,000 years. http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150914-when-global-warming-made-our-world-super-hot https://geology.rutgers.edu/images/Publications_PDFS/Wright_Schaller_2013.pdf … Continue reading “Very Rapid Global Warming — revisited”