More on the Arctic

Just a quick followup on methane release in the Arctic.  NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena embarked on a study of Arctic methane release. Millions of Arctic Methane Hotspots Detected by NASA – Global Climate Change Impact They flew planes over the Arctic with equipment that was able to detect and measure the release of … Continue reading “More on the Arctic”

Most Recent Scientific Support

This site has been arguing that a rapid acceleration of global warming will serve to bring about, both directly and indirectly, a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  We started with the presumption that Christ would return prior to 2048 (one hundred years from the birth of the modern state of Israel).  In order for … Continue reading “Most Recent Scientific Support”

The fight for Israel

We have argued that political control over the state of Israel is of utmost importance to the Beast (aka the anti-Christ) and his agents.  Paul tells us, in 2 Thessalonians, that the Beast will use the newly rebuilt Jewish Temple (it cannot be built at the moment as the Temple Mount is the site of … Continue reading “The fight for Israel”

The United Kingdom left the European Union

Though it was a very long and drawn out saga, the UK actually has left the EU as of yesterday.  If Nigel Lawson, the main proponent of Brexit and the one man most responsible for bringing it about, is satisfied that Boris Johnson will finish the task, then who am I to worry. This site … Continue reading “The United Kingdom left the European Union”

Not directly part of Revelation but……

Though the world is starting to better understand what is happening in China and the nature of the new virus, there is still a great amount of uncertainty.  From the viewpoint of the prophecies of Revelation, there is no direct link to any possible pandemics at this point in the timeline of the End of … Continue reading “Not directly part of Revelation but……”