More on the light side — The Rapture and Aliens

In a previous blog, I speculated that when the Rapture occurs and the Believers are called up to God, the media will be filled with pundits blaming ‘alien abduction’ for their disappearance.  The summer movie season had its fill of aliens-attacking-earth movies, and one (indirectly two) perhaps has supplied the motivation for the massive alien … Continue reading “More on the light side — The Rapture and Aliens”

Occupy Wall Street, More ‘Free’ Trade, Roubini Economics, and More

The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing across America and has even spread to other nations.  Some will attempt to usurp the phenomenon, but I believe its true spirit is relevant to topics touched upon on this blog.  The US government, during the Financial Crisis of 2008, literally gave billions of dollars to Wall Street … Continue reading “Occupy Wall Street, More ‘Free’ Trade, Roubini Economics, and More”

Billions of Planets….greater chance of alien abduction?

A new piece of research out from Europe, soon to be published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, claims that there are tens of billions of planets. It was not long ago when the scientific community admitted it had no evidence of the existence of other planets. New planets were first discovered’ when fluctuations of light being … Continue reading “Billions of Planets….greater chance of alien abduction?”

More Aliens….invasion of the Discovery Channel?

Up until now, I had only seen wild speculation about aliens on TV while watching the History Channel.  Recently, I saw 3 hours of speculation about alien life on the Discovery Channel as well.  The program series started with the scientific argument about using fluctuations in a star’s light to indirectly observe the possible orbit … Continue reading “More Aliens….invasion of the Discovery Channel?”

US Military Expenditures and Armageddon

The press has recently reported that members of the US Congress, from both sides of the aisle, are moving to further cut domestic spending programs in order to prevent further cuts to the military budget.  Believers must question why the government needs to spend so much money on the military when there are no declared … Continue reading “US Military Expenditures and Armageddon”

Catalonia seeks independence from Spain

An under-reported news story was that yesterday, 1.5 million people gathered in Barcelona to demonstrate for the independence of Catalonia from Spain.  Catalonia is a region of Spain, and Barcelona is its main city and capital.  The region also has its own language and a strong sense of identity. This is an example of what … Continue reading “Catalonia seeks independence from Spain”

Catalan independence movement continues…a model for Texas?

The president of Catalonia has called for snap elections after Madrid rejected his demands for greater autonomy for the region.  Earlier in the month, as much as 1.5 million Catalans gathered in their regional capital of Barcelona to demand independence for the region.  The fiscal crisis in Spain and the economic downturn that followed has … Continue reading “Catalan independence movement continues…a model for Texas?”