Finally getting serious

The European Union is finally getting serious about climate change: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism ( What is a carbon border tax and what does it mean for trade? | World Economic Forum ( (OMG, I am posting a link for the WEF!) A ways back, I am sure I broached this idea (sorry, being too … Continue reading “Finally getting serious”

More truth than Biden can comprehend

The illegitimate US President, aka Biden, has stated that the next few years will determine the fate of the End-of-Times world (well, he used different words to say the same thing): Next few years will determine future world order Biden ( There is actually much truth to what he says, though with a very different … Continue reading “More truth than Biden can comprehend”

Old news — if you are a long time reader of this site

The Guardian is mostly filled with propaganda, but it is good for news on global warming (which is real). Global heating is accelerating, warns scientist who sounded climate alarm in the 80s | Climate crisis | The Guardian Of course, I am not alone in taking the position that global warming will accelerate faster than … Continue reading “Old news — if you are a long time reader of this site”