Coastal Flooding

When it comes to sea level rise and coastal flooding, we can easily say that it falls outside the boundaries of Biblical prophecy.  That does not mean it won’t happen. These articles, whose links I posted, are well written, and eloquently summarize scientific research that was published recently, which discusses the mechanics of … Continue reading “Coastal Flooding”

Children of Abraham vs Children of Baal?

The opening of the floodgates of allegations of sexual harassment, assault, pedophilia and rape against Hollywood elites is unprecedented.  Up until now the mass media protected these sexual abusers, enabling them to run amok for decades.  What changed?  Is it possible that the Jewish civil war has entered a new phase?  By giving voice to … Continue reading “Children of Abraham vs Children of Baal?”

Antarctica — a very complicated piece of the puzzle

This site has been focusing a lot on Antarctica recently, or rather, there have been a lot of interesting scientific research published recently about that part of the world.  Antarctica’s role in global warming is quite complicated, though one cannot doubt for a second that it is an important part of the puzzle. With that … Continue reading “Antarctica — a very complicated piece of the puzzle”

The European Union, United Nations, and Israel

The EU and the UN continue their attacks on the Zionist policies of the Israeli government. EU politicans are supporting and promoting boycotts against Israeli corporations that operate in the West Bank.  In a similar vein, the United Nations continue to spit out resolutions that are critical of the Israeli government’s Zionist policies. … Continue reading “The European Union, United Nations, and Israel”

Antarctica and the Sixth Seal

The recent discoveries relating to Antarctica are quite fascinating.  Only recent technology has allowed man to “see” below the 2 kilometers of ice that cover that continent.  The 91 newly discovered volcanoes of Western Australia and a supervolcano-like caldera that is nearly as large as that found in Yellowstone, makes this region the world’s volcanic … Continue reading “Antarctica and the Sixth Seal”

1 Thessalonians 5:21

In 1 Thessalonians, Paul makes some references to the return of Christ. There was one passage that seemed especially relevant to this website: Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. The primary focus of this site is discussing the prophecies of Revelation. We openly make arguments, linking current events to those prophecies.  We … Continue reading “1 Thessalonians 5:21”

Rapid Climate Change

When this site first started to argue that climate change can be linked to some of the prophecies found in Revelation (actually, they can be linked to quite a few), we immediately started to look for possible drivers of rapid climate change.  At that time, the worst climate change scenarios were looking out at over … Continue reading “Rapid Climate Change”