Escalating Provocations

This site has speculated that the Whore (aka illegitimate Biden administration) will further escalate its provocations against Russia going into the US November mid-term elections.  Our reasoning is that the Whore has two aims in its attempt to escalate the Ukraine conflict into a NATO-Russia conflict.  The first aim is to weaken the Beast (aka … Continue reading “Escalating Provocations”

Supporting evidence

I stumbled upon a site that claims to have an internal document from the Rand corporation. Shocking document: How the US planned the war and energy crisis in Europe – Nya Dagbladet I have no clue as to the credibility of this Swedish site, but I am linking the article anyway, as it pretty much … Continue reading “Supporting evidence”

Follow Up on Inflation

I just wanted to post this link, in support of previously made arguments: Inflation Now Causing Hardship for Majority in U.S. ( The mass media will just try to convince you that if you are suffering more than the mass media is saying you are, then you are just a loser — that is the … Continue reading “Follow Up on Inflation”

Over the top rhetoric

The over-the-top rhetoric coming from the Whore — through the Biden hand-puppet — can be called many things (all negative).  I am belatedly reviewing his actual MAGA-Republicans-are-evil speech and it supports our argument relating to the Nazi Paradigm. Joe Biden Trashes ‘MAGA Agenda’ as ‘Extremism that Threatens Very Foundations of Our Republic’ ( This type … Continue reading “Over the top rhetoric”

The Nazi Paradigm revisited

More than once, we have pointed to similarities between what is happening now and compared it to what happened during the rise of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party of Germany – aka the Nazis.  We argued that it appears that the Beast (now it appears to be the Whore) is using the Nazi paradigm … Continue reading “The Nazi Paradigm revisited”