America and the coming superstate

We have argued that a central political goal of the coming Beat is the formation of a superstate, by the political merger of current European Union member states.  We have further postulated that as the Beast will pose a the long awaited Jewish secular messiah, he will attempt to also fold America and Israel into … Continue reading “America and the coming superstate”

Bites and Pieces

Grillo is still the man to watch in Italy Things in Italy starting to get interesting again.  Grillo and his 5 Star Movement are seeking to regain their momentum by launching a petition for Italy to leave the EU.  It is somewhat ironic that the 5 Star Movement is demanding economic policies that the … Continue reading “Bites and Pieces”

This may seem extreme, but…

OK, let us assume that God will rapture His Believers after the sixth seal is opened.  However, for the sake of argument, let us further say that for whatever reason, you did not make it.  Oops!  God is about to open the seventh seal, things are going to go from bad to worse, and the … Continue reading “This may seem extreme, but…”

What would the Anti-Christ do if he were President today?

In Revelation 6:2, Jesus opens the first seal and unleashes a rider on a white horse.  Given the ambiguous description of the rider, the interpretation of this passage has been debated on for hundreds of years.  The consensus evangelical interpretation is that the white horseman represents the Anti-Christ and those preparing for his rise.  I … Continue reading “What would the Anti-Christ do if he were President today?”

Ebola outside of West Africa

There was news article recently that said WHO has recommended that Ebola victims in one of the stricken West African nations be treated at home going forward.  By this WHO is indicating that it has given up on at least one of those nations.  Given this, it makes sense for any residents of that nation … Continue reading “Ebola outside of West Africa”

Hostile Authorities

Perhaps I will have to rewrite ‘Coming Persecution’ that I moved to the Archives section, as it has become relevant after recent news out of Houston — A recently elected lesbian mayor of Houston has demanded that church pastors submit their sermons that deal with homosexuality or the mayor to the government before they give … Continue reading “Hostile Authorities”


Antarctica is indeed a strange continent.  On average, the land of Antartica is buried under 1.7 kilometers of ice.  Under the Western Antarctic ice sheet, the land mass is mostly below sea level, with parts being 2,500 meters below sea level.  Recent technological advances have allowed scientists to better ‘see’ what lies underneath the massive ice … Continue reading “Antarctica”