Scientific fact verses fictional theory

If true, there has been another ‘Wow!’ moment.  A physicist has just published work that shows that black holes are mathematically impossible.  I am sure the scientific world will focus in quickly to review her math, as there will be many in the scientific world who will be made to look like fools should she … Continue reading “Scientific fact verses fictional theory”

The Ongoing Fight For Independence — Some good news

Though the pro-independence voters in Scotland lost the referendum vote, the fight for independence continues on other fronts in Europe.  The independence movement in Catalonia advances with the Catalonian President setting the date for their independence referendum vote.  The Prime Minister of Spain has denounced that move as unconstitutional and illegal, but it would appear … Continue reading “The Ongoing Fight For Independence — Some good news”

California Burning

Previously, we have pointed to the current California drought and heat, and postulated that it could be a model for what will happen to ‘a third of the world ‘.  One prophecy says that a third of the world will be ‘burned up’.  At present, large parts of California are literally burning up — I … Continue reading “California Burning”

Pre-News — California supervolcano eruption??

Like the Tom Cruise movie, ‘Minority Report’, many western, democratic nations are making ‘pre-crime’ laws in relation to terror threats.  For example, you can now be arrested for heading to Turkey if the government things you are intending to fight for the ISIL.  This opens up so many doors for abuse in the future, it … Continue reading “Pre-News — California supervolcano eruption??”


I cannot help but have a viscerally positive response to the thought of Scotland and Catalonia winning their independence.  I wish there was a strong independence movement for the state of Texas.  There is another form of independence movement going on in Europe — the fight to win freedom from the European Union. We have … Continue reading “Independence”

The Moshiach, the Beast, and the Whore of Babylon

First published on September 6, 2021   “Tis strange – but true; for truth is always strange, — stranger than fiction”                Don Juan by Byron (1823) I used to enjoy reading quite a lot.  I went through different phases in my choice of genres.  When I was younger, I read quite a bit of … Continue reading “The Moshiach, the Beast, and the Whore of Babylon”