Scotland — a nation unconquered by Rome

The Roman Empire stretched across most of Western Europe, reaching as far as the British Isles. However, the Romans were not able to conquer one part of those isles – Scotland.  Eventually, Scotland did finally fall to the English and by doing so, ended up as part of Great Britain.  In a world where many areas hunger to … Continue reading “Scotland — a nation unconquered by Rome”

Things mass media in America ignores

News outlets like CNN, New York Times, national network news programs (ABC, NBC, etc) do not report on certain types of news — propaganda is not only about spinning the news you report on, but it also includes news you steadfastly ignore.  In the past, we have brought up the Catalonia movement to secede from … Continue reading “Things mass media in America ignores”

The pot starts to boil

We have postulated earlier that given America’s reduction in its military spending and its reduced willingness to serve as the world’s policeman, regional powers will start to act up and begin to more aggressively impose itself on its neighbors.  It would appear that Israel is the first to pop up, as some media (I have … Continue reading “The pot starts to boil”

Science is our friend — continued

Previously, we had discussed how science supports some of the arguments being made on this website.  In particular, we have argued that given, 1.  the creation of Israel started the count down for the return of the Christ and 2. the biblical prophecy ‘not a generation will pass’ from the start of the count down … Continue reading “Science is our friend — continued”

If it looks like a tyrant, smells like a tyrant, and acts like a tyrant.

We have argued that the Beast, when he rises to his final place of power, will morph and become a dictator (perhaps in everything but name).  Our argument is based upon the implications of his actions as prophesied by Revelation.  The growing sphere of the federal government’s mandates into its citizen’s personal lives (mandates = … Continue reading “If it looks like a tyrant, smells like a tyrant, and acts like a tyrant.”

The Red Rider — revisited

This site often discusses news that relates to the coming of the Beast, as it is a geopolitical event that will take time to develop.  With that said, we see by reading Revelation that his ascension to his final place of power takes place towards the end of the Last Days.  What takes place at … Continue reading “The Red Rider — revisited”

Where are we now, amidst the prophecies of Revelation?

First published:  March 7, 2022 A thousand years ago, it would be nearly impossible to have much insight into the prophecies of Revelation.  Even a 100 years ago, trying to understand the Book of Revelation would be like looking into a heavy fog.  However, now we are standing right in the midst of the prophecies … Continue reading “Where are we now, amidst the prophecies of Revelation?”

Silence of the Lambs

I really enjoyed reading the book, “Silence of the Lambs”.  I read it way before the movie came out.  However there is one quote that has stuck with me.  When Hannibal Lecter was teaching Clarice about the mass murder, he asked her, “What is it in itself?  What is its nature? … What does he do?”  The same mode … Continue reading “Silence of the Lambs”