An Interesting Linkage

The El Nino/La Nina phenomena that occurs in the Pacific ocean can have a major impact on the weather in North and South America, as well as on Eastern Asia.  What drives this phenomena is not well understood.  However, I did read some references that it could be linked to ocean mixing — a phenomena … Continue reading “An Interesting Linkage”

A Historic Opportunity

In the Muslim countries of the Middle East, as well as Israel, it is illegal for Christians to seek to convert others to Christianity.  It could also get you killed very quickly, depending on your location.  You definitely do not want to open a church in Helmand province of Afghanistan. However, now Western Europe is … Continue reading “A Historic Opportunity”

A Small Issue – Grain prices are at inflation-adjusted historical lows

This site has previously argued that the Fifth Seal has been opened, and that within the time line of events described in Revelation, we are currently waiting for the opening of the Sixth Seal.  There is only a small issue, based upon Revelation 6:5-6, where it says: And when he had opened the third seal, … Continue reading “A Small Issue – Grain prices are at inflation-adjusted historical lows”

Important Italian Elections this Sunday

This site has been following the growing popularity of the 5 Star Movement in Italy.  It is an “anti-establishment”, “populist” party which has been opposed to many of the policies of the establishment politicians.  It is predicted that the 5 Star Movement will win the greatest number of popular votes in this Sunday’s elections.  Should … Continue reading “Important Italian Elections this Sunday”

Systematic Voter Fraud

This site has argued that illegal immigration serves to facilitate the undermining of national sovereignty and democracy.  We have previously highlighted how “sanctuary-state” California was preparing to allow millions of illegal immigrants to vote in local, state, and federal elections.  Now, “sanctuary-city” Chicago is moving to similarly allow illegal immigrants to vote. New Chicago ID … Continue reading “Systematic Voter Fraud”