Never sleeping

The agents of the Beast are relentless in their attempts to gain total political domination — It appears they were able to conjure up some pretext to challenge the Presidential election victory of Trump, and are pushing Hillary to go to court to overturn the election result. The agents of the Beast will say … Continue reading “Never sleeping”

A Path away from the Beast

Trump has outlined a set of policies that represent a road that leads away from the Beast — and the agents of the Beast are howling in panic and anger.  Trump would strengthen the national sovereignty of America.  Regaining control of the southern border is the most basic use of sovereignty, as is the ability … Continue reading “A Path away from the Beast”

Supermoons and Earthquakes

In a recent post, ‘A passing thought’, we alluded to research by the University of Tokyo, which showed a correlation between large earthquakes and full moons.  By coincidence, or not, New Zealand just suffered a major earthquake, one day prior to the coming supermoon. The probability of an earthquake triggering a major supervolcano eruption … Continue reading “Supermoons and Earthquakes”

Some implications of a Trump victory

The voters in America chose to fight for the sovereignty of its nation, as well as to strengthen its democracy, by rejecting Hillary at the poll booth.  The voters saw through the blatant propaganda of the mass media (at least half of them anyway) and used their own judgement to vote.  Those working for the … Continue reading “Some implications of a Trump victory”

Rigged Polls and Election Fraud

When the mass media publishes poll numbers rigged to favor Clinton, it can serve a number of purposes.  However, the main purpose relates to election fraud.  If the polls were honestly conducted, and it showed that Trump was ahead by 10%, a Clinton victory at the polls would draw intense scrutiny.  If the world is … Continue reading “Rigged Polls and Election Fraud”

Calling of the Shepard

In a recent post, ‘A New Strategy to Overturn the Second Amendment?’, we highlighted how the Department of Homeland Security ‘mistakenly’ gave full US citizenship to over 800 Muslims who were scheduled to be deported due to terrorism fears.   Soon after this ‘mistake’, there was a rapid succession of Muslim terrorist mass shootings in … Continue reading “Calling of the Shepard”