Finally getting serious

The European Union is finally getting serious about climate change: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism ( What is a carbon border tax and what does it mean for trade? | World Economic Forum ( (OMG, I am posting a link for the WEF!) A ways back, I am sure I broached this idea (sorry, being too … Continue reading “Finally getting serious”

Old news — if you are a long time reader of this site

The Guardian is mostly filled with propaganda, but it is good for news on global warming (which is real). Global heating is accelerating, warns scientist who sounded climate alarm in the 80s | Climate crisis | The Guardian Of course, I am not alone in taking the position that global warming will accelerate faster than … Continue reading “Old news — if you are a long time reader of this site”

Things continue to heat up in Siberia

Siberia historically conjures up images of extreme cold and ice.  However, things are changing there quite quickly. The ongoing heatwave in Siberia continues to bring problems to the area.  A massive oil spill occurred because the permafrost upon which the storage tank was built, melted and the ground collapsed under the weight of the … Continue reading “Things continue to heat up in Siberia”

More on the Arctic

Just a quick followup on methane release in the Arctic.  NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena embarked on a study of Arctic methane release. Millions of Arctic Methane Hotspots Detected by NASA – Global Climate Change Impact They flew planes over the Arctic with equipment that was able to detect and measure the release of … Continue reading “More on the Arctic”

Most Recent Scientific Support

This site has been arguing that a rapid acceleration of global warming will serve to bring about, both directly and indirectly, a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  We started with the presumption that Christ would return prior to 2048 (one hundred years from the birth of the modern state of Israel).  In order for … Continue reading “Most Recent Scientific Support”

Interesting Coincidence

For a number of years, this site has been arguing that a rapid acceleration of global warming will occur, bringing about the manifestation of a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  Based on scripture, we argued that Christ would return before 2048 — one hundred years from the founding of the modern state of Israel … Continue reading “Interesting Coincidence”

Misguided attacks on agriculture

Of all the mass media misreporting (aka propaganda, fake news, narratives), perhaps the most amusing is its occasional attacks on meat and milk production.  The basic premise is that cows seem to fart alot — I have to take them at their word as I have had little direct contact with live cows.  The argument … Continue reading “Misguided attacks on agriculture”

Summer is here

One’s mind may automatically turns to thoughts of global warming during a hot summer day.  Many have pointed out that on a day to day basis, it is not reasonable to blame bad weather on global warming.  However, this summer,  ‘local’ heatwaves have morphed into a Northern Hemisphere one.  America, Northern Europe, and Japan are … Continue reading “Summer is here”

Rapid Climate Change

When this site first started to argue that climate change can be linked to some of the prophecies found in Revelation (actually, they can be linked to quite a few), we immediately started to look for possible drivers of rapid climate change.  At that time, the worst climate change scenarios were looking out at over … Continue reading “Rapid Climate Change”