A Trump Victory — interesting possibilities

I believe that the agents of the Beast are ‘all-in’ in their efforts to elect Clinton.  They have had their way for eight years, and so they will say and do anything to remain in power.  A Trump victory would prove to be a major set back for those working to bring about the rise … Continue reading “A Trump Victory — interesting possibilities”

The Shrill Voice of Desperation?

The mass media has only intensified its attacks on Trump, mainly as a desperate attempt to distract from the horrendous facts being disclosed on Wikileaks.  The media attacks on Trump also distract from the fact that the Clinton campaign is 100% based on a mass media smear campaign, and is totally lacking on any real debate … Continue reading “The Shrill Voice of Desperation?”

It’s policy, not personality!

The mass media is trying to determine the US Presidential election by its 24/7 attacks on Trump’s personality.  Let us pray that people remember that the election is about policy, not personality.  A Clinton presidency will only further push America further down the road that leads to the Beast.  We may not know for sure … Continue reading “It’s policy, not personality!”

New York Times agitating for more war

The New York Times does not believe their is enough war in the world — they are now overtly agitating for a war with Russia. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/05/opinion/lets-get-putins-attention.html One half of all Federal discretionary spending is given to the US military to blow up Muslim civilians, using million dollar missiles.  A war will Russia will cost the … Continue reading “New York Times agitating for more war”

US calls for a Syrian ‘No Fly Zone’.

At a UN Security Council meeting yesterday, the US called for the imposition of a no fly zone over Syria.  The US is seeking to stop the Assad regime from taking Aleppo back from rebel forces.  Russia will not agree to any such initiative and will use their veto to prevent any UN resolution to … Continue reading “US calls for a Syrian ‘No Fly Zone’.”

Kim Jong-Un, Hilllary, and the Beast

The 24/7 praise of Hillary by the mass media, and their concurrent blindness to all of her illegal activity, made me think of another world leader — Kim Jong-Un,.  Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, has built a cult of personality in his country.  First started by his grandfather, the state controlled media generates … Continue reading “Kim Jong-Un, Hilllary, and the Beast”

Doing God’s Work

I would guess that there are many Jewish people who feel that they are ‘doing God’s work’ in their political activities.  One historically important Jewish thinker argued that working for the rise of the Jewish secular moshiach is a central religious duty for all Jewish people.  I believe that this is one factor for why … Continue reading “Doing God’s Work”