Now Esquire is jumping onto the topic….

As we have been discussing global warming in terms of how it relates to the prophecies in Revelation, I thought I would put up a link to an Esquire article about global warming — It would seem that there are quite a lot of secular scientists who adhere to the view that global warming … Continue reading “Now Esquire is jumping onto the topic….”

The role of Arctic warming

Arctic warming plays a key role in global warming, and thus, an important role in the manifestation of many prophecies in Revelation. Anthropogenic global warming has been slowing progressing over the decades as industrial development resulted in an increasing amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.  This man made global warming, at present … Continue reading “The role of Arctic warming”

The real driver behind ‘immigration reform’

We have argued that the children of the Beast are seeking to use illegal immigration/unrestricted migrant migration as a means to facilitate the break down of sovereign nations, with the long term goal of the creation of a mega-state, from which the Anti-Christ will come to power over (a very brief summation of many different posts). … Continue reading “The real driver behind ‘immigration reform’”

A Global Ponzi Game?

Since the beginning of the site, we have argued that a financial crisis would play a role in the introduction of the cashless state.  A financial crisis of catastrophic proportions could also serve to be a catalyst for other changes as well. Let us start with an extreme assumption, that the current global explosion of … Continue reading “A Global Ponzi Game?”