Italian Drama

In a very undemocratic move, the President of Italy (a position very different from the Presidency in America) has refused to allow the 5 Star Movement-League coalition to govern.  Instead, he designated a technocrat to form a government to rule the nation.  The bottom line is that new elections will soon be held, though unless … Continue reading “Italian Drama”

UN to investigate Gaza violence

The United Nations Human Rights Council has voted to investigate the recent killing of Palestinians along the Israel-Gaza border. This site has argued that the agents of the Beast are working for the eventual merger of Israel into the coming European superstate.  Given this, it is not surprising that the UN is being used … Continue reading “UN to investigate Gaza violence”

A Bit Premature

The reports of the 5 Star Movement forming a coalition government in Italy were premature, as negotiations with the League still face certain hurdles. Italian voters are rebelling against “moderate”, “center” politics (the mass media has moved the goal posts on what is considered moderate), with over 50% of the vote cast for “radical”, … Continue reading “A Bit Premature”

5 Star Movement finally arrives

The euro-skeptic 5 Star Movement captured the highest amount of votes during recent Italian elections, and it was reported to have agreed to form a coalition government with the Northern League. Both parties have been labeled as ‘radical’ and ‘populist’ by the main stream media, as both parties have been critical of the massive … Continue reading “5 Star Movement finally arrives”

Natural and Man-made Eruptions

The ongoing saga of the volcanic eruptions on the Big Island of Hawaii highlights the power of nature. This brings to mind our speculation that a supervolcano will erupt, to herald the opening of the Sixth Seal.  We can expect volcanic activity across the world to increase even more, as scientific research has shown … Continue reading “Natural and Man-made Eruptions”