Global Warming is a long term phenomenon

We have talked off and on about global warming and weather change.  There was a recent article in the International Herald Tribune that was discussing the US heat wave and drought in a more global perspective.  While the heat and lack of rain has been devastating the corn and soybean crop in the US, the article … Continue reading “Global Warming is a long term phenomenon”

US Heat Wave

It is easy to talk about weather change in the summer when a massive heat wave has most of the country in its grip.  However, weather change has been and will be a reoccurring theme for our writing.  Mentioned in an earlier entry, there was an interesting research piece that showed the recent (last 20 years) rises … Continue reading “US Heat Wave”

Supreme Court rules on Obamacare

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare is constitutional.  The majority opinion ruled that while the individual mandate clause forcing individuals to buy private insurance was unconstitutional under the Commerce clause, it was constitutional as a tax.  I will not say anything further except to say that you should read the dissenting opinion for … Continue reading “Supreme Court rules on Obamacare”