Preparations continue for the coming of the Tyrant

With the growing use of drones in America for surveillance and reports of a new program to enable tracking of all civilian vehicles on the roadways,  we now receive word that the Obama administration (remember it is not just Obama, but the people behind him) is laying the way for the use of the US military against … Continue reading “Preparations continue for the coming of the Tyrant”

A breakup of the current EU?

In the past we have argued that a breakup of the EU as it is currently structured is consistent with the prophecies of Revelation.  Consensus interpretation of the relevant scriptures is that the Beast will come to lead a 10 nation confederation, and the current EU has 28 member nations.  We concede that there is … Continue reading “A breakup of the current EU?”

Science continues to reflect images of Revelation

We have previously argued that science supports the prophecies of Revelation, as the scenarios painted for the not too distant future by the climate scientists are consistent with the sufferings found in Revelation.  New research shows that the changes impacting the world are quite dynamic.  I have found the following article quite interesting —–Study-1400594247/. This … Continue reading “Science continues to reflect images of Revelation”

The White Rider

As I usually do when I touch upon the interpretation of scripture, I will again state that I am a layman and have not attended any kind of seminary.  With that out of the way, I became curious about what Bible studies might say about the first horseman of Revelation — the rider of the white horse. … Continue reading “The White Rider”