The Fight for Israel

The struggle between those who want Israel to be a nation-state dedicated to the Jewish people verses those who want Israel to be rolled into the coming European mega-state, continue. The Israeli Knesset recently passed legislation that proclaimed that Israel is a nation that is dedicated to be the homeland of the Jewish people.  … Continue reading “The Fight for Israel”

Not New News

The Guardian (purveyor of propaganda with occasional news mixed in) highlighted a recent thought piece published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which discussed a number of ideas that have already been touched upon by this site. The authors conjecture on whether man-made global warming has triggered a number of … Continue reading “Not New News”

Summer is here

One’s mind may automatically turns to thoughts of global warming during a hot summer day.  Many have pointed out that on a day to day basis, it is not reasonable to blame bad weather on global warming.  However, this summer,  ‘local’ heatwaves have morphed into a Northern Hemisphere one.  America, Northern Europe, and Japan are … Continue reading “Summer is here”