In some ways, the prophecies of Revelation are similar to the classical piece, Bolero, composed by Ravel.  Bolero starts with one instrument playing, in a slow melodic fashion.  A second instrument then comes in, and then a third.  The tempo quickens and soon the whole orchestra is playing, making a discordant climax. In Revelation, it … Continue reading “Bolero”

Arctic methane related blogs

I have recently found two blogs that are dedicated to publishing news and research relating to Arctic warming.  It appears that they publish verifiable data and make reference to published research, so I am assuming that these sites are reliable. I have referenced these blog sites because they have very interesting pieces on … Continue reading “Arctic methane related blogs”

We are not alone….

This site has been arguing that the rate of increase in global temperatures must increase, in order to be the force behind certain prophecies in Revelation.  We have argued this because the current scientific estimates for the rise in global temperatures to the degree needed to bring about prophecies in Revelations is 80 to 100 … Continue reading “We are not alone….”

Pat on the back

Recent research has now ‘proven’ what we had long argued for — the global warming has a positive feedback loop.  In other words, the increase in global average temperatures has reached the point where it creates a further increase in global average temperatures. When I first read about this, I was slightly surprised, because … Continue reading “Pat on the back”