Probably just a little paranoid

Though I consider this site a religious news commentary site, it would be easy to construe its contents as ‘alt-right’, given its implications.  Basically, anything critical of the agenda of the Beast can be construed as ‘alt-right’.  As there are frequent headlines about Google and Facebook suppressing conservative content, I do fret that at some … Continue reading “Probably just a little paranoid”

Well timed article

This site has been making mention of the opening of the Sixth Seal rather frequently lately.  We have argued that it is the next major event in the timeline found in Revelation.  With the opening of the Sixth Seal, we have speculated that it will be manifested by a major eruption of a supervolcano, possibly … Continue reading “Well timed article”

A Passing Thought

This site has argued that the opening of the Sixth Seal will result in a catastrophic eruption of a supervolcano, as such an event would fulfill the descriptions found in Revelation.  Scientific research was put forth to support such a scenario.  The discovery of 91 volcanoes in Western Antarctica is further support of the scientific … Continue reading “A Passing Thought”

A Pattern Emerges with the Rise of the ‘anti-fa’

This site has argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, destroying any remaining vestiges of democracy when he rises to his final place of power.  We have highlighted different ways in which democracy is being indirectly weakened and also attacked in a more direct fashion.  Recent events brings to mind the rise of … Continue reading “A Pattern Emerges with the Rise of the ‘anti-fa’”

A Missing Part of the Puzzle?

Recently published research announced the existence of 91 newly discovered volcanoes in Antarctica. These newly discovered volcanoes are primarily found in Western Antarctica.  With this discovery, Western Antarctica can now lay claim to having the highest density of volcanoes in the world.  This can have tremendous implications for global warming and the opening of … Continue reading “A Missing Part of the Puzzle?”

EU Migrant Ferry Service

The Italian navy has been actively helping human traffickers off the coast of Libya.  The traffickers would tow rubber boats, overflowing with illegal migrants, just off the shores of Libya.  These rubber boats have zero chance of ever going anywhere, but where the current takes them.  The Italian navy then ‘rescues’ them (sort of like … Continue reading “EU Migrant Ferry Service”