More Aliens….invasion of the Discovery Channel?

Up until now, I had only seen wild speculation about aliens on TV while watching the History Channel.  Recently, I saw 3 hours of speculation about alien life on the Discovery Channel as well.  The program series started with the scientific argument about using fluctuations in a star’s light to indirectly observe the possible orbit … Continue reading “More Aliens….invasion of the Discovery Channel?”

Spanish Banks and Government Debt

On April 12th, it was announced that Spanish banks increased their borrowing from the ECB (European Central Bank) by over 50% in March. It was also announced that their holding of Spanish government debt increase. Spanish banks increased their borrowing from the ECB by about 75 billion Euros and they increased their holdings of Spanish … Continue reading “Spanish Banks and Government Debt”

Billions of Planets….greater chance of alien abduction?

A new piece of research out from Europe, soon to be published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, claims that there are tens of billions of planets. It was not long ago when the scientific community admitted it had no evidence of the existence of other planets. New planets were first discovered’ when fluctuations of light being … Continue reading “Billions of Planets….greater chance of alien abduction?”

Another Step Towards The Mark?

The massive healthcare bill, otherwise known as Obama-care, was passed by Congress two years ago and is now being reviewed by the US Supreme Court. The central provision being focused on is whether the federal government can force American citizens to buy private health insurance. Can the federal government impel its citizens to enter into … Continue reading “Another Step Towards The Mark?”