Bits and Pieces

Beta Testing In Venezuela, it was announced that in order to enforce food rationing, the government will require all citizens to have their fingerprints scanned when they buy food — Given the expense of rolling out a nationwide mandatory fingerprint checking system, it makes you wonder if there is someone behind the scenes subsidizing the … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

The Black Rider is coming

The events in Ukraine have the potential to trigger a war between Russia and NATO.  We have argued that this would be taken as confirmation that the 2nd rider, the Red rider has been unleashed upon the world.  However, after the Red rider comes the 3rd horseman — the Black rider, the bringer of famine. … Continue reading “The Black Rider is coming”

The Beast as a false secular moschiach, revisited

  I was reading a website that I stumbled upon, that discussed general Jewish thinking regarding their beliefs concerning the coming of the Moschiach (aka Messiah). I read something that I had never heard of before. According to the site, there is the Jewish belief that around the time the Moschiach appears, the prophet Elijah … Continue reading “The Beast as a false secular moschiach, revisited”


The escalation of the fighting in Ukraine increases the risks of a major European war.  Though Obama has stated that he has not intention of any military intervention in Ukraine, and though Merkel (and other European leaders) have neither the intention nor the means to intervene militarily in Ukraine, war can still occur.  As the … Continue reading “Magnification”

We are not there yet…

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has been in the news for a while now as the viral outbreak continues unabated in West Africa.  At the start of the End of Days, with the release of the horsemen, pestilence is not mentioned until the fourth riders, where Death and Hades are released.  Should Ebola break out … Continue reading “We are not there yet…”

Good Timing

This article just came out, and given my recent posts, it just seemed like good timing — Last week, there was a new research piece out that argued that the Atlantic Ocean was serving as a heat sink, absorbing massive amounts of heat, and thus causing a pause in the rise of average global … Continue reading “Good Timing”

Time Line

We have recently proposed that global warming will be a driving factor behind the realization of several prophecies found in Revelation (refer to the section ‘Science and Revelation’).  However, we are faced with one glaring discrepancy — the scientific timeline for a severe increase in temperatures are usually 80 to 100 years or more away, … Continue reading “Time Line”

On a lighter note….perhaps not that light

I have to admit that I have gone back and forth on the subject of the ‘rapture’ — where God calls up living Believers to Him at some point during the End of Days.  For what it is worth, at this point I am sort of taking the middle ground, arguing that the rapture could … Continue reading “On a lighter note….perhaps not that light”

The 200 million man army

There is a prophecy in Revelation that says a great army (literal translation comes out to mean a 200 million man army) will march down a dried out Euphrates river (given our view on global warming and drought, it is easy to imagine the Euphrates river drying out).  By coincidence, past estimates of size of … Continue reading “The 200 million man army”

Reality is more interesting than fiction

Lately, I find it hard to finish a novel.  They just seem so uninteresting.  What is happening in the world today is just so much more fascinating.  Perhaps the more skeptical would consider some of the ideas and arguments found here as pure fantasy, more fitting for a B-movie.  However, I would argue that as a … Continue reading “Reality is more interesting than fiction”