South America’s Drought

Brazil has been suffering ongoing bouts of drought for a number of years now.  Researchers have argued that the deforestation of Brazil will destroy the dynamics which creates the annual rainfall needed to sustain the  Amazonian rainforest. Brazil and South American countries have continued their slash and burn of the Amazon rainforest, and drought … Continue reading “South America’s Drought”

Before its too late

Believers and other patriots must act to save America before it is too late. This site has been highlighting the attacks on democracy and on the sovereignty of the United States for a number of years. However the sudden death of democracy, should Biden/Harris move into the White House, is shocking. The use of mass … Continue reading “Before its too late”

Difficult Decisions

As we are living in the End of Days, we will find ourselves facing very challenging times and will be forced to make very difficult decisions.  The Democratic Party’s use of massive, fraudulent mail-in ballots to “win” the US Presidential election for Biden (make no mistake, he will not be making any real decisions on … Continue reading “Difficult Decisions”

Illegitimate Government

Should Biden succeed in winning the Presidency through massive voter fraud, then the US will be governed by an illegitimate government.  The Democrats will enact laws and policies that will cement their illegitimate control over the US.  What course of action Believers should take in such a situation is beyond the scope of this website … Continue reading “Illegitimate Government”