Another war in the Middle East

America has been using its drones to bomb ‘terrorists’ in Yemen for quite some time now.  It also gave hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms to a ‘friendly’ government in the same country.  The ‘terrorists’ that were the target of American drone strikes have taken over the country of Yemen, and the friendly … Continue reading “Another war in the Middle East”

Major media starts to talk about ocean currents

We have been discussing ocean currents a lot recently, and yesterday the Washington Post published an article that covered many similar points – Though I am sure they are not reading this site for ideas, it is nice to beat them to the ‘story’.  Perhaps they will soon start talking about rising global volcanic … Continue reading “Major media starts to talk about ocean currents”

House of Representatives votes to send arms to Ukraine

Though mostly ignored by major media outlets, the US House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing arms shipments to Ukraine.  Though ‘defensive’ in nature, it represents further US escalation of the Ukraine conflict — America has not had much luck in ‘helping’ other nations when it comes to military involvement.  America’s attempts to ‘help’ countries … Continue reading “House of Representatives votes to send arms to Ukraine”

What if…the NASA scientist is right?

Earlier, we wrote about the NASA scientist who claims that California will exhaust its supply of surface fresh water within the next 12 months (he actually asserted that only 12 months’ supply of surface water is left, but we will ignore the subtle difference).  The assumption embedded in that claim is that the heat and … Continue reading “What if…the NASA scientist is right?”

Heat Spike Detonator

I have never been in the military, so the biggest explosive that I have handled was a very large firecracker.  In the movies, we have often seen how a small explosive device is often required to set off the larger blast (before mobile phones became the detonator of choice).  It is possible that scientists have … Continue reading “Heat Spike Detonator”

Esoteric science can be a friend of faith

Any field of science where I am not sure of how to pronounce the field-specific terminology, let alone be able to spell them, I would give it the label of ‘esoteric’.  I have been reading up on some recent findings in the area of oceanography, more precisely, the study of ocean currents.  Ordinarily, my eyes … Continue reading “Esoteric science can be a friend of faith”