There has been a dramatic rise in the amount of methane in the atmosphere and many scientists seem baffled.  It would seem that there are clueless scientists out there. Last year saw methane’s presence in the atmosphere increase the most in 20 years.  This site has been highlighting research that says warming in the … Continue reading “Seriously?”

The Sixth seal draws nearer

This site has argued that the Fifth seal has been opened (Revelation 6:9) and that we are now waiting for Christ to open the Sixth seal (Revelation 6:12).  We have speculated that the opening of the Sixth seal will be manifested by a major eruption of one of the world’s super volcanos.  We presented scientific … Continue reading “The Sixth seal draws nearer”

Domain of Death and Hades

We earlier had suggested that the current Wuhan virus pandemic could have a connection to prophecies of Revelation vis-à-vis the opening of the Fourth seal.  This site has argued that the conflict zones of the Middle East and Africa are under the dominion of Death and Hades (Revelation 6:7-8).  These areas do not have the … Continue reading “Domain of Death and Hades”