War Criminal

The International Criminal Court, aka ICC, issued an arrest warrant for Putin, for events that transpired during the current Ukraine conflict. Situation in Ukraine: ICC judges issue arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova | International Criminal Court (icc-cpi.int) I will skip my personal views on the ICC, and instead highlight a … Continue reading “War Criminal”

Anything but friends

The implications of this site’s arguments regarding the nature of the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) and the Whore of Babylon are that they are both from the Jewish faith.  The Beast has very specific plans for Israel, as this site has repeatedly detailed.  I would assume that the Beast and the Whore are also aligned … Continue reading “Anything but friends”

Right On Cue

Just as anticipated: US braces for wave of cyberattacks media (bignewsnetwork.com) US cyber defense agency warns of possible Russian cyberattacks amid tensions (yahoo.com) Rather than deter a “Russian invasion”, the illegitimate Biden administration is more interested in taking Federal control of the state and local voting machines in order to “protect” them from Russian hacking.  … Continue reading “Right On Cue”

Where There Is Smoke

The warmongering statements being issued by the illegitimate Biden administration is really heating up.  The Whore must have the ability to read minds as I do not know if a war has ever been so plainly telegraphed — the White House has even given us the specific day of the start of “Russian” hostilities.  Personally, … Continue reading “Where There Is Smoke”

No Surprise

At the start of the last Democratic Presidential candidate nomination process, I had speculated that Kamala Harris was the top candidate to represent the interests of the agents of the Beast.  Her absolute dismal performance resulted in her leaving the race, but given our earlier prediction, it was not surprising that she ended up being … Continue reading “No Surprise”

Touching Bases

Vaccination passports, Crypto-currency, and the Mark of the Beast We have previously argued that the push to implement vaccination passports are an attempt to create a global identification system, which can then be eventually utilized for the Mark of the Beast.  As Revelation 13: 16-17 tells us, And he causeth all, both small and great, … Continue reading “Touching Bases”

The Clock Is Now Ticking

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has been replaced by a new administration, compromised of basically every other political party other than his own (i.e. Lukid).   Left-wing parties, supposed right-wing parties, and for the first time in history, parties representing non-Jewish Israelis (aka Palestinians) have joined the ruling coalition — all united in their desire to … Continue reading “The Clock Is Now Ticking”

The Struggle for Israel

On face value, the current outbreak of hostilities between the Jewish-Israelis and the non-Jewish Israelis/Palestinians would appear to be just a continuation of the conflict that was started when the first Jewish returnees appeared in Palestine after World War II.  This conflict has continued ever since, spawning wars and terror, suffering and death.  However hopelessly … Continue reading “The Struggle for Israel”


The illegitimate Biden administration and Democrats have acted as expected.  Biden won the Presidential election through massive voter fraud, and the Democrats are now moving to change the laws and regulations to enable them replicate that same large-scale voter fraud in both state and local  elections.  In the US Congress, the Democrats are moving forward … Continue reading “Update”

A Global Identification System

In the final stages of the End of Days, the second Beast, the false Elijah, will rise to aid the first Beast, the Anti-Christ, in his bid to have the world worship him as God.  Revelation 13:11-15 says, And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like … Continue reading “A Global Identification System”