Occupy Wall Street, More ‘Free’ Trade, Roubini Economics, and More

The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing across America and has even spread to other nations.  Some will attempt to usurp the phenomenon, but I believe its true spirit is relevant to topics touched upon on this blog.  The US government, during the Financial Crisis of 2008, literally gave billions of dollars to Wall Street … Continue reading “Occupy Wall Street, More ‘Free’ Trade, Roubini Economics, and More”

A side track — part II

In the part I, we touched on how the systematic decimation of the job base in America has led to the economic crisis we face today.  The successive administrations in the US have resorted to massive government borrowings to stimulate the economy in face of the depressive effects of the job losses, and the Federal Reserve has … Continue reading “A side track — part II”

A side track — the Economics of Today

I am tempted to create a separate blog to discuss the economics which is confronting the world today, but for now, I will look to use this entry to summarize my views.  Since this is a slightly complicated topic to summarize, I will need to revisit this entry a few times before I am done. The media, … Continue reading “A side track — the Economics of Today”