A Countdown Clock for the Returning Christ

God may have given us a clock to watch that will let us know when the return of Christ draws near. Recent scientific research argues that a 2 degree centigrade rise in global average temperature will result in cataclysmic environmental damage. It was previously thought that degree of temperature rise was the upper limit of … Continue reading “A Countdown Clock for the Returning Christ”

The Anti-Christ — a false Jewish Messiah?

The study of eschatology in the Christian and Jewish religions is quite interesting. Of course, there are very fundamental differences, but for a lack of better word, they rhyme. It is easy to conclude that there are very divergent views on most topics within the various branches of Jewish religious thought — Orthodox, Reformed, Hasidic. … Continue reading “The Anti-Christ — a false Jewish Messiah?”

England, Be Brave — continued

More reporting on the movement to leave the EU in England (http://world.time.com/2013/01/10/will-britain-exit-the-european-union-the-rise-of-a-small-party-makes-that-scenario-more-likely/?xid=gonewsedit&google_editors_picks=true).  For Believers, there may not be a single political issue that has more ramifications than the decision to join or leave the European Union.  The importance of this issue is not based on economics, nor is it based on nationalism.  This issue is … Continue reading “England, Be Brave — continued”

Point of No Return

As the saying goes, its never over until its over.  We must never give up on America and Believers must keep working to keep the country safe from the Beast and his minions.  However, we are approaching a possible point of no return. The US Supreme court is perhaps the last defense against the Beast … Continue reading “Point of No Return”

England, Be Brave!

The Cameron administration of the United Kingdom is considering on whether to hold a referendum in the UK on whether it should stay in the European Union, letting the people make the final decision.  The Obama administration has come out against it — which is not surprising considering its track record (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/09/us-warns-uk-european-union). Let us pray … Continue reading “England, Be Brave!”

Free Trade Agreement between the US and EU

On Bloomberg News (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-06/eu-seeks-to-advance-u-s-trade-deal-as-china-s-role-grows.html), as well as in a recent Economist, it is reported that the US and EU are preparing to formally enter into negotiations to create a free trade agreement.  America has made similar agreements with other nations — but should negotiations be successful, the implications are far reaching. Unlike past deals, the European … Continue reading “Free Trade Agreement between the US and EU”