End Game of Illegal Immigration

We have long argued that illegal immigration is an attack on the sovereignty of the nation-state.  There is nothing more fundamental to sovereignty than the ability to control the nation’s borders.  Besides eroding sovereignty, the proponents of ‘open borders’ (i.e. removal of all restrictions on immigration of foreigners) and illegal immigration advocates, have a much … Continue reading “End Game of Illegal Immigration”

“…. the rate is actually increasing, and increasing exponentially.” “

We have argued that the global warming models are  generally grossly inaccurate, in that they primarily factor in only man-made factors like car emissions and farts (cow farts, not human ones, but they count as man-made as they relate to food production).  Given this, those models see a gradual, constant rate of increase in global … Continue reading ““…. the rate is actually increasing, and increasing exponentially.” “”

All Out War in Syria?

The Trump administration has escalated the war in Syria by directly attacking the Assad regime forces more than once.  It looks to prepare for its next attack: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/27/assad-further-chemical-weapons-attack-syria-white-house-claims The White House claims that the Assad regime of Syria is preparing for another chemical attack, which assumes that they have used chemical weapons previously.  It will … Continue reading “All Out War in Syria?”

The Conversion Process

We have argued that ‘I was born this way’ is the big lie that the media tells about homosexuality.  The conversion to homosexuality occurs when an adult engages a minor in homosexual activity.  That minor then initiates other minors.  It then spreads through schools and other groups, like the Boy Scouts.  In a rare news … Continue reading “The Conversion Process”

Yeah! I found this site on Google!

I am happy to say that I finally was able to find this site on Google.  I was on the fourth page, using the search ‘signs of revelation’.  My current web site does not have a counter attached to it, so I have no ability to judge how many visitors I have.  However, now that … Continue reading “Yeah! I found this site on Google!”

It’s getting hot in here….but taking your clothes off won’t help

I guess quoting a Nelly song isn’t really appropriate.  Another study has been released, that pretty much goes over old ground. http://www.sfchronicle.com/news/science/article/Too-hot-to-handle-Study-shows-Earth-s-killer-11230089.php Basically, things are going to get a lot hotter.  If you don’t have air conditioning, and many people in many countries do not, then you will suffer and many will die – perhaps … Continue reading “It’s getting hot in here….but taking your clothes off won’t help”

Science and Revelation

We have long argued that science is the friend of faith in the End of Days.  The coming manifestation of the prophecies of Revelation are consistent with the scientific research of today.  In a most dramatic fashion, Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist, has issued statements that are perfectly consistent with a number of arguments made … Continue reading “Science and Revelation”

US shoots down Syrian jet

The US engaged in a direct act of war with the Syrian government, as it deliberately shot down a Syrian government jet. http://www.smh.com.au/world/us-warplane-shoots-down-syrian-jet-20170618-gwtqcl.html The US similarly attacked and destroyed the Libyan air force prior to the overthrow of Qaddafi, so this act has serious implications for the Assad regime.  Russia fully understands this. The US … Continue reading “US shoots down Syrian jet”