Collateral Damage

This site has been arguing that the Whore — the illegitimate Biden administration — has been provoking Russia in the Ukraine.  The effort paid off as Russia finally felt it necessary to move militarily.  We have been highlighting one of the main motivations behind the Whore’s efforts — to construct a narrative of Russia cyberwarfare … Continue reading “Collateral Damage”

Historical Parallel?

This site has been arguing that the illegitimate Biden administration has been provoking Russia, with the intent of instigating a military conflict in Ukraine (please read previous posts). The US is now working on a new set of sanctions against Russia, to punish Russia for moving its troops into the breakaway region of Donbass in … Continue reading “Historical Parallel?”

Beating a dead horse with a stick

I suppose this is one of those sayings that is so old, it seems a bit odd to use — but hopefully you get what I am trying to say… The illegitimate Biden administration has come out to officially declare the cyberattack on the Ukraine banks to be a Russian government operation. US Says Russia … Continue reading “Beating a dead horse with a stick”

Important Confirmation

Events in Ukraine continue to confirm our argument regarding a driving motivation behind the Whore’s (read illegitimate Biden administration) disinformation campaign. Ukraine Hit by Cyberattack as US Questions Claims of a Russian Troop Pullback | This site has been making the argument that one of the motivating factors behind the illegitimate Biden administration’s warmongering … Continue reading “Important Confirmation”

Right On Cue

Just as anticipated: US braces for wave of cyberattacks media ( US cyber defense agency warns of possible Russian cyberattacks amid tensions ( Rather than deter a “Russian invasion”, the illegitimate Biden administration is more interested in taking Federal control of the state and local voting machines in order to “protect” them from Russian hacking.  … Continue reading “Right On Cue”

Where There Is Smoke

The warmongering statements being issued by the illegitimate Biden administration is really heating up.  The Whore must have the ability to read minds as I do not know if a war has ever been so plainly telegraphed — the White House has even given us the specific day of the start of “Russian” hostilities.  Personally, … Continue reading “Where There Is Smoke”

Supporting Development

We have recently started to speculate that one reason why the illegitimate Biden administration is attempting to provoke a conflict in Ukraine, is to enable the Democrats to once again rig the election — this time for the US Congressional elections.  The Democrats (with the full support of the mass media) will claim that the … Continue reading “Supporting Development”

Recent Rumination

The much ado about nothing ruckus surrounding Whoopie Goldberg’s thoughts on the Nazi killing of Jews during WWII raised an interesting point. Given all the finger pointing about racism now, Whoopie simply made the point that the Nazi slaughter of the Jews was not racist, as it was white people killing white people.  For … Continue reading “Recent Rumination”