Maximize Damage

The policies being enacted to deal with the extreme contagious nature of the Wuhan virus is causing secondary effects, which is exacerbating the economic impact of the virus.  With local governments closing down their economy, workers are being fired and business are going bankrupt.  Panic is driving decision making, turning a bad situation into a … Continue reading “Maximize Damage”


I think I must be a contrarian, as I seem to want to go against the mass media “narratives”.  In the spirit of this contrary nature, I wanted to post a totally ignored piece of news. Weeks or perhaps months ago, there were reports out of Thailand that doctors there successfully treated Wuhan virus … Continue reading “Contrarian”

Man-made Crisis

The current crisis throwing the world into turmoil is purely man-made.  The Wuhan virus, aka Covid-19, is extremely contagious, and unlike other corona viruses, it has a structure similar to the Aids virus, which makes it easier for the virus to attach itself to healthy host cells.  The Chinese government has implicitly admitted that they … Continue reading “Man-made Crisis”