America goes Latin

America has gone Latin, and I am talking about the economy.  Historically, South America countries have had problems with high inflation — even bouts of near hyper-inflation.  Even today countries like Venezuela and Argentina still suffer from extremely high levels of inflation.  Despite the Federal Reserve complaining that inflation is too low, the ‘realized rate … Continue reading “America goes Latin”

Bits and Pieces

Nationwide Identification Systems — necessary infrastructure for the Mark We have made note of the efforts of Washington DC to establish a nationwide identification system, by embedding the needed legislation within the details of the immigration reform bill.  Now we have word that the FBI is also making a new nationwide identification system that will … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

It is rather quite out there

Though there are interesting bits and pieces that can be gleamed from the news, there has been little to comment on.  The recent attacks and territorial gains by the ISIS in Iraq makes me again contemplate on the coming of the Red Rider. I saw an interesting article that stated that some Christians believe that … Continue reading “It is rather quite out there”

Watching and Waiting

The situation in Ukraine continues to edge its way to a full blown war — it already borders on civil war, with the threat of a Russian invasion always near.  At the same time, the China-Japan dispute continues apace, with the Vietnamese making the toughest stance against the Chinese in the South China Sea.  Though … Continue reading “Watching and Waiting”